Year Long Art Classes meet on a weekly basis from September through May.  Students work with a wide range of subject matter and experiment with different creative experiences including drawing, painting, sculpture and modeling, collage, printmaking, and more.  Students work at their own pace with a goal of finishing two projects per month to take home.  Students get to create with watercolors, acrylics, temperas, pencils, colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk, markers, crayons, papier mache, clay, fabric, wire, and much more.  Art fundamentals of theory and design are taught with an emphasis on vocabulary and training in technique.


 These weekly classes are $50 per month and include all supplies and a light snack.  Students in grades 1-7 are welcome.  Maximum class size is 9 students.  The class schedule follows Henderson County Schools for breaks and holidays.  Classes will begin the week of Labor Day in September.

To register, call or email to check availability.  

Then send in your check to reserve your child's space.  


15 Hickory Drive Fletcher 28732

2016 - 2017


After school class: 3:30-5pm 

Classes are held at Angel Art Studio in the Airport Road area.


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